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Guide to school policy for young people with sickle cell and thalassaemia

Funding Report / Guide for Schools Version 1

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This booklet has been produced based on research examining the experiences of young people with sickle cell disorder in schools in England.

An important part of school inclusiveness is recognising the importance of offering care to young people with long-standing illness, particularly since a major part of childhood is spent in attending school. The 1974 Health & Safety at Work Act places a duty upon education employers to ensure the health and safety of pupils. Part of this responsibility is to have a health and safety policy that includes supporting pupils with medical conditions. Pupils with sickle cell disorder or beta-thalassaemia major come under this legislation and guidance.

This booklet is a "must have" read for schools and policy makers.

Here is a link to a Blog Post by Professor Simon Dyson complete with a video talking through this research and the subsequent work.

Sickle Cell in Schools: A Guide to School Policy