Haemoglobin structures

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Content Author:
Dr Mark Fowler

Undergraduate bioscience or medical student.

OER Features:

Deoxyhaemoglobin A

SCOOTER109a_Deoxyhaemoglobin PPT

SCOOTER109b_Deoxyhaemoglobin PDF

Deoxyhaemoglobin S

SCOOTER110a_DeoxyhaemoglobinS PPT

SCOOTER110b_Deoxyhaemoglobin S PDF


OER Description:

Here are some deoxyhaemoglobin molecules constructed using Jmol – an open-source Java viewer for 3D chemical structures. You can access Jmol here:


The images here are of deoxyhaemoglobin versus deoxyhaemoglobin S, and you can see how a simple genetic mutation can cause an alteration in molecular structure. It is this transformation that causes the development of sickle cell disease.