Patterns of inheritance of sickle cell anaemia

Content Author:
Dr Mark Fowler

Undergraduate bioscience or medical student

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YouTube video

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This resource introduces some genetic terminology – for example what is genotype, and what is phenotype. It then steps you through how sickle cell anaemia can be inherited, and provides different patterns of outcome.

Student created OER – genetic inheritance

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Nick Machon OER
Genetics interactive game produced by final year computer science student Nick Machon

Content Author:
Nick Machon – wrote all content and created Flash animation

All learners

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Interactive animations

OER Description:
Some of my best experiences working on OER projects is when students offer to be involved. Nick was computer science final year student looking for a project, and undertook the challenging area of grappling with genetic inheritance to produce a series of interactive Flash animations. He was a pleasure to work with – very organised and hard working, and these resources have been used a lot on open days and out reach events with schools and colleges. Unfortunately now, Flash isn’t supported on the web and it is no longer easy to play these resources. This post is therefore in recognition of his hard work.