Guide for Schools Cover V2

Version 2 Guide to school policy for young people with sickle cell disease

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Guide for Schools Cover V2

Content Author:
Professor Simon Dyson (and research team)

Healthcare professionals, teachers, policy makers, researchers

OER Features:

Guide for schools V2 Word Document: SCOOTEROER112a_Simon Dyson Guide for Schools_V2_June 2016

Guide for Schools V2 PDF: SCOOTEROER112b_Simon Dyson Guide for Schools_V2_June 2016


OER Description:

The most popular resource by far on this website is Professor Dyson’s ‘Guide for Schools’, and this page provides an updated version of this.  Details of the earlier version can be found here – – and this resource has been translated into several other languages.

The reason for this second edition is change to UK law with the introduction of the Children and Families Act of 2014. This requires schools to make provision for young people with conditions such as sickle cell disease, and the guide further supports this.

We hope this guide is useful and it continues to lead improvements in the way that young people with SCD are integrated into school.

This second blog post provides more background details of the second version of this guide.


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