Guide for schools

Guide for schools to help learners with sickle cell

Guide for schools







Image: School Health and Safety Guide by Professor Simon Dyson
Creative Commons BY-SA

Professor Simon Dyson

Undergraduate social sciences and healthcare, postgraduate, education and healthcare professionals.

OER Features:

Funding report: Education of young people with sickle cell disease

Editable guide for schools 

OER Description:

These open educational resources are perhaps some of our most important. They are the result of a research project funded by the UK Economic & Social Research Council and conducted between De Montfort University, University of York and Loughborough University. The first report provides some essential background information to sickle cell disease, which is a complex condition with symptoms ranging from stroke, silent stroke, chronic pain and acute painful crises.

This research project explored how young people are treated in schools, and as a result, a help guide has been produced which many schools are now using and have adapted to provide support and better care of sickle suffers in their education setting.

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