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Content Author:
Professor Simon Dyson

Healthcare professionals, teachers, policy makers, families

OER Features:

SCOOTEROER114b_Simon Dyson Guide for Schools_11April17 (PDF)

SCOOTEROER114a_Simon Dyson Guide for Schools_11April17 (Word doc)

OER Description:

On this page you can find a Sierra Leonean version of Professor Simon Dyson’s ‘Guide to school policy for young people with sickle cell disease‘, the second version of which was released in 2016.

More details to the background of the work in Sierra Leone can be found on a second blog post here. The SCOOTER project would like to reflect here our thanks to all of those mentioned in the guide who helped produced this vital adaptation.

We would like to thank the following for their work in producing this adaptation of the Guide to School Policy:

Parents, caregivers and young people with sickle cell, Sierra Leone Sickle Cell Disease Society Amelia Eva Gabba, Sierra Leone Sickle Cell Disease Society
Tamba P. Kellie, Sierra Leone Grammar School
Benson A. Sesay, Freetown Secondary School for Girls

Samuel O. Macauley, Milton Margai College of Education and Technology Samuel I. Bangura, Helen Keller International, Freetown
Osman Kamara, Helen Keller International, Freetown
Annie Sesay, Sierra Leone Sickle Cell Disease Society

Cassandra Leigh, Sierra Leone Sickle Cell Disease Society
Iyamide Thomas, GT Consultancy and UK Sickle Cell Society
Maria Berghs, De Montfort University, UK
Students and staff at Sierra Leone Grammar School, Freetown Secondary School for Girls, and the Methodist Girls High School

A blog post by Simon Dyson explaining the production of this guide can be read here.

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