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Dr Vivien Rolfe

Post-graduate, OER community


OER Features:

Introducing Open Education Resources

How to find Open Education Resources

Our OER Fact Sheet


OER Description:

As part of the UK Jisc and HEA Open Education Programme there are many introductory and self-help resources available. Here are a couple we have produced for our staff and students at De Montfort University. These resources are licensed under Creative Commons BY SA – which means you can use / edit and do what you wish with the materials as long as you BY (fully acknowledge us on the resource) and SA (share alike by placing the materials you produce back on the internet).

In our Introduction to Open educational resources (OERs) we describe the emergence of open education in the 2000’s and this narrated presentation talks about some of the questions that individuals and institutions need to consider to not just use OER produced by other people but to release their own materials onto the web.

In our resource on Finding OERs we provide a guide to retrieving resources on the internet, and what to look for in terms of licensing, and also what other questions you must ask. Our OER Fact Sheet is useful to give to staff and individuals who are just starting to find out what OER are. It addresses the question: “What is an Open Educational Resource OER?” It talks what an OER is – from a photograph to the content of an entire university module.


Further Reading:

JISC and HEA OER InfoKit (2012). Available at:

This website provides everything you need to know about OER including managerial, legal and technical aspects of using other people’s OERs and releasing your own onto the internet.

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