How To - by Julie Lowe

Staff training for resource creation by Julie Lowe

How To - by Julie Lowe

Julie Lowe

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Camtasia Screen Capture Software

How to Podcast

How to use Articulate Presenter Part 1

How to use Articulate Presenter Part 2

How to use Articulate Presenter Part 3


OER Description:

There are many solutions for producing teaching resources and placing them on the internet. Here are a series of instructional videos produced by Julie Lowe a learning technologist (now at the University of Surrey) that take you through how to use some popular software for producing open educational resources. Here we look at screen capture / screen grab software, podcasting and how to add audio narrations to PowerPoint presentations.

Camtasia screen capture software allows you to display the contents of your PC screen and to record a narration. The end files produce really effective teaching resources very quickly. There are alternative free solutions available for example Jing and Screenr.

Podcasting involves releasing audio files in episodes or over time. There are many free software solutions for editing audio and online services to allow you to distribute your podcasts. This tutorial is a good step-through guide for academics and non-technical developers of open educational resources on how to podcast.

Articulate Presenter is software that works with Microsoft PowerPoint to allow you to record a narration over slides and publish them as a “swf” file with interactive video controls, thus forming a more complete usable learning resource.

You can simply record a narration in PowerPoint directly and publish it as a PPT file, but this won’t give the user any video controls to stop and start for example. Articulate can also just publish your work as an MP3 for use as a podcast. The downside is that the “swf” files are not viewable in the iPAD and other Apple Products.


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