Biochemistry case study 2 – neonate blood

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Neonate HPLC
Blood biochemistry – content kindly provided by Leicester Royal Infirmary

Content Author:
Keith Chambers, Biomedical Scientist at the Leicester Royal Infirmary

Undergraduate science or medical student, trainee biomedical scientist

OER Features:

Word Doc case study – SCOOTER97a_Neonate_Case_study

PDF File – SCOOTER97b_Neonate_Case_study

Image Bundle – Biochemistry Images


OER Description:

Neonatal blood is interesting and is visually different to adult blood. These resources would provide a useful case study for classroom discussions to highlight some of the morphological and biochemical differences. Neonatal blood contains different haemoglobin molecules, and a series of biochemical tests (iso-electic focusing and HPLC) are carried out to get a full and accurate profile of the blood.

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