ARMS and RFLP for detecting gene mutations

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Content Author:
Dr Mark Fowler

Undergraduate and postgraduate bioscientist / geneticist

OER Features:

SCOOTER106a_Lab technique ARMS (PDF)

SCOOTER106b_Lab technique ARMS (PPT)

SCOOTER108a_Lab technique RFLP (PDF)

SCOOTER108b_Lab technique RFLP (PPT)

OER Description:

ARMS (Amplification-refractory mutation system) is a PCR technique used in sickle cell disorder molecular diagnosis. (ARMS-PCR). These resources contain figures that step you through the basis of the process.

RFLP (Restriction fragment length polymorphisms) are other molecular techniques for identifying β-globin mutations in sickle cell disorder. A β–globin gene mutation is a common error which affects haemoglobin structure. You may wish to refer to our other genetics animated resources to explain these processes in more detail.




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