Sickle cell patient hospital experiences – by James Elander

James Elander Research

James Elander Research

Image: Patient experiences in hospital by Professor James Elander
Creative Commons BY SA.
Professor James Elander

Undergraduate social sciences and healthcare, postgraduate, healthcare professionals.

OER Features:

Narrated presentation: Patient experience of pain management.

Narrated presentation: Patient experiences of pain killers and risk of addiction.

Narrated presentation: Hospital staff perceptions of patients’ pain.

OER Description:

These open educational resources incorporate a series of 3 narrated presentations, presented by Professor James Elander from Derby University. They provide a fascinating and essential insight into the area of pain management, both from the experience of the sickle patient and the perceptions of hospital staff. The resources describe some contentious areas of the use of pain killers and perceptions of professional staff.



Open educational resources for healthcare professionals

James Elander's Research

OER By Professor James Elander

Newly released onto the SCOOTER website are teaching resources of importance to health care professionals and that will also be highly relevant to students of medicine, nursing and other health-related disciplines. Professor James Elander from the University of Derby has produced three narrated lecture presentations talking about his research looking at sickle cell patient experiences of hospital pain management, and also the health care staff perceptions of sickle patients.

Professor Elander’s work highlights some tensions between the patient and staff relationships, and in all three pieces of research, he concludes with suggestions for improving hospital services and experiences particularly in relation to pain intervention, and also concludes there is an urgent need for further research into this area.

James Elander's Research

Professor James Elander is the Head of the Centre for Psychological Research at the University of Derby. He is a National Teaching Fellow.